[Starlingx-discuss] Minutes: StarlingX Networking Meeting - 05/02

Martinez Monroy, Elio elio.martinez.monroy at intel.com
Thu May 2 14:17:51 UTC 2019

Meeting minutes/agenda are captured at:


Team Meeting Agenda/Notes - May 2/2019
  Notice: Ghada is on vacation, Matt is on travel, Forrest team is on leave for International Labor Day.
  @Elio, Richado and Chris, please update/discuss the networking testing in this meeting
*        Networking Test Status

  *   TC Definition for Regression
?  Almost finish 130 TC's , needs help with 40 TC, steps and requirements are not clear enough
*        Get help from Matt and Chris
*        Cluster Network test cases should be handled like infra net
?  Automated progress for networking needs clean up since some of the TC were developed with old architecture, please check https://github.intel.com/Madawaska/stx-test-suite/tree/tests_devel/Tests/Networking (in progress)
*        Still in progress, total number of automated test cases will be reduced by this.
*        Regression Execution

  *   Networking TCs are going to be added on the sanity, please check  https://docs.google.com/document/d/18vtFYiA2f5GbwrsaSkI0rKMApde_xeoaGkDSNjZmLnk/edit, this task still on progress, almost all automated

  *   1 Ping/ssh  between controllers

  *   2 Ping/ssh from controller to compute

  *   3 Ping/ssh from controller to the storage node

  *   4 Ping/ssh from compute to storage node

  *   5 Ping/ssh from instance to compute

  *   6 Ping/ssh from instance to instance
?  Got feedback from Frank.
?  If everything goes according with our plans. TC will be included during the next week

  *   I hadn't discuss with Ada regarding how often should the network regression should be executed

*          Feature Testing for ovs-dpdk

  *   Working on formal report

  *   Will send it during the rest of the week, trying to send it today
*        Feature Testing for ovs-dpdk firewall

  *   Still working on ephemeral ports, port_security and other TC
*        Feature Testing for OVS integration

  *   In progress, needs to determine scope

  *   Re send e-mail regarding scope
*        Feature testing ovs process monitoring and alarming

  *   Re send e-mail regarding test scope besides de alarm part

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