[Starlingx-discuss] Transitioning to Ansible bootstrap

Ngo, Tee Tee.Ngo at windriver.com
Thu May 9 16:47:56 UTC 2019


In transition to Ansible bootstrap deployment, tomorrow the following commit https://review.opendev.org/#/c/657693, which disables config_controller, will be merged. StarlingX test team has been notified and is making updates to their lab installer, configuration files and automation tools. StarlingX doc team has also been notified to make updates to the installation wikis.

To ease the transition, once the commit is merged, config_controller can still be used to bootstrap the 1st controller for a limited time (~1wk) using --force option. After which time, relevant code in config_controller will be removed.

In the event the doc team is not done with all of their updates by Friday. Please refer to the One node installation wiki<https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/StarlingX/Containers/Installation> for the instructions on how to run bootstrap playbook and to overwrite the default settings. The extra step that needs to be done following Ansible bootstrap (vs config_controller) is to provision the oam, management and k8s cluster interfaces prior to unlocking controller-0.

# management and cluster interfaces default to loopback for AIOSX
system host-if-modify controller-0 $OAM_IF -c platform --networks oam

For AIO-DX, Standard non-storage, Standard storage:
system host-if-modify controller-0 lo -c none
system host-if-modify controller-0 $OAM_IF -c platform --networks oam
system host-if-modify controller-0 $MGMT_IF -c platform --networks mgmt
system host-if-modify controller-0 $MGMT_IF -c platform --networks cluster-host

Note: enp0s3 is a typical oam interface and enp0s8 is a typical mgmt interface in vbox. You can replace these with the values specific to your test system.

In return, you get the benefits of the bootstrap playbook:
*       Use Ansible which is an industry well-recognized tool
*       Can bootstrap target host both locally and remotely
*       Can bootstrap multiple target hosts simultaneously
*       Can reconfigure without having to resinstall
*       Require minimal configuration input upfront
*       Is simpler to understand
*       Is simpler to identify issues


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