[Starlingx-discuss] [multios][meetings] Multi-OS team meeting minutes 5/13/2019

Lara, Cesar cesar.lara at intel.com
Mon May 13 14:37:01 UTC 2019

Multi-OS team meeting

Agenda for 5/13/2019

- Update on discovery for tools and OpenSuse
- Yocto based StarlingX


- Update on discovery for tools and OpenSuse
working on OBS to build StarlingX packages, enabled Cengn Mirror as repo, and pointed OBS to use these repos successfully, we might need admins privileges to use external repos on OBS,
1st step - get all of the flock built, and then start execution of the flock and deeper integration later, all of the work based on resolve dependencies will help the multi-OS project to adopt new OSes.
Victor still working on directory structure spec to be presented this week on TSC meeting

- Yocto based StarlingX
Steve - my team mostly involved with telco customers, community work, 8 engineers, getting involved with StarlingX, work on special projects, customers coming to Stephen with concerns around hardware, needs to have smaller devices, we want to build an OS from the ground for these small devices and then install StarlingX on top of that. Starting the discovery on R2.
Plan of Steve's tea. will be to start with a poky build (base distro in Yocto project) and contribute to create a process for the end user, Have a build process in place that will provide a layer and all the metadata for people to consume and not necessarily an ISO.
We might want to start with a repo based on the stx-staging repos for this work that will benefit Stx community as well as the Yocto community.

may need to schedule working session to talk about the process of building the StarlingX project.
Saul suggested to have  Marcela and Victor included in this session tentatively May 27th, Steve to follow up

- Opens
need to track where do we stand as far as generating a TAR file from each flock service (agreed on past PTG meetings)


Cesar Lara
Software Engineering Manager
OpenSource Technology Center

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