[Starlingx-discuss] [ Test ] meeting minutes for 05/21/2019

Cabrales, Ada ada.cabrales at intel.com
Tue May 21 17:08:40 UTC 2019

Agenda for 05/21
Attendees: Al, Elio, Fernando, Maria P, Richo, Cristopher, JC, Jose, JP, Numan, Abraham, Ada, Don
1. Sanity status
   - From May 15 we are able to do a full install stx (using some workarounds for our local registry env). 
   - Still having problems with ceph volumes. 
   - Make sure that we are using the stx-openstack-1.0-13-centos-stable-versioned.tgz application tarball.
   - A new ISO at CENGN is being built, Don to send a notification when it's ready. We will run sanity on this today and better results are expected.

   - Virtual environment - we were not running sanity on virtual due to the high memory consumption. 
   - Now that the memory reqs are back to normal (with the patch mentioned last week), we can start running sanity again on virtual
   - Expectation is to have sanity running on virtual tomorrow.

   -  Switch to ansible: simplex is done, working on duplex. Having issues on standard and external storage, due to our proxy environment.
   - A meeting for debugging this is in place (today).

   - Numan's team is having some issues due to the switch to ansible. Working on them. Launchpads submitted.

2. Transition to pytest - high level plan 
   - A plan for getting the code from regression on pytest released will be presented next week 
   - We will close on 400 tests cases for robot - these will be used for regression testing on stx.2.0
   - New tests cases will be automated in pytest.
   - Current status: 384 tests automated (robot). 400 will be done by next week.

3. Regression test plan revision 
   - A revision for taking out obsolete test cases will be made by Numan and Ada
   - New test cases for feature will be added to "feature stx.2.0" tab
   - Ada to work with Elio on the networking domain for features not ready.

4. Feature testing file 
   - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15us6HWgcb0dmHHZe2SyOR_UI5BvVpoU8TCST0rQd4zg/edit?usp=sharing
   - Update your results in there. A report will be built based on these.

5. Opens
   - Fernando - were working yesterday with Cristopher on setting a 2+2+3 config for ceph testing. These is using Atom servers. Let's see how this goes.

   - Elio - which ISO should be used?
     Cristopher - use the one from yesterday. 
      Will notify on today's results. - this also has the fix for proxy env.


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