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Bruce, note typo in my name and incorrect e-mail:  ;-)
It should be:
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Subject: [Starlingx-discuss] Please review - election preparation

As part of the preparation for our upcoming election, the Election team needs to prepare a list of Contributors to the project.

A "Contributor" is defined in the project governance [0] as:
"A Contributor to StarlingX is someone who has made a Contribution to the project within the last 12 months. Contributions can include merged code, test or document submissions, or serving in a leadership role as defined below. "

As part of the preparation for the election, I have prepared a list of the people who have filled a leadership role in the project.  Please review this list and send any changes needed to me.

If your name is on the list, please check your email address.  If your name is not on the list and you think it should be, please let me know and I will fix it (and the wiki which is what I used to create the list of PL/TLs).

Thank you!


[0] https://docs.starlingx.io/governance/reference/tsc/stx_charter.html




Abraham Arce Moreno

abraham.arce.moreno at intel.com

Docs project TL

Ada Cabrales

ada.cabrales at intel.com

Test PL

Ana Cunha

ana.cunha at ericsson.com

TSC member

Bart Wensley

Barton.Wensley at windriver.com

NFV project TL

Bin Qian

Bin.Qian at windriver.com

HA project TL

Brent Rowsell

Brent.Rowsell at windriver.com

TSC member

Bruce Jones

bruce.e.jones at Intel.com

Distro.openstack PL

Cesar Lara

cesar.lara at intel.com

Build project PL

Cindy Xie

cindy.xie at intel.com

Distro.other PL

Cristopher J Lemus Contreras

cristopher.j.lemus.contreras at intel.com

Zuul TL

Curtis Collicutt

curtis at serverascode.com

TSC member

Dariush Eslimi

Dariush.Eslimi at windriver.com

PL multiple projects

Dean Troyer

dtroyer at gmail.com

TSC member

Don Penney

Don.Penney at windriver.com

SW Update project TL

Eric MacDonald

Eric.MacDonald at windriver.com

Metal project TL

Forrest Zhao

forrest.zhao at intel.com


Frank Miller

Frank.Miller at windriver.com

NFV project PL

Ghada Khalil

ghada.khalil at windriver.com


Hayde Martinez

hayde.martinez at intl.com


Ian Jolliffe

Ian.Jolliffe at windriver.com

TSC member

Jim Guald

jim.guald at windriver.com

Distro.openstack TL

John Kung

John.Kung at windriver.com

config project TL

Jose Perez

jose.perez.carranza at intel.com

Test TL

Ken Young

Ken.Young at windriver.com

PL multiple projects

Matt Peters

matt.peters at windriver.com


Michael Tullis

michael.l.tullis at intel.com

Docs project PL

Miguel Lavalle

miguel.lavalle at verizonmedia.com

TSC member

Ruijing Guo

ruijing.guo at intel.com


Saul Wold

sgw at linux.intel.com

TSC member

Shuquan Huang

huang.shuquan at 99cloud.net

TSC member

Tao Liu

Tao.Liu at windriver.com

Fault project TL

Tyler Smith

Tyler.Smith at windriver.com

GUI project TL

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