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Shuquan Huang huang.shuquan at 99cloud.net
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Hi Song,


The dist-cloud can be used in stx 1.0 actually. And it’s evolving to a container based architecture. The community will continue to work on it after stx 2.0. We’re glad to share the detail about this. Please feel free to reach us. :)


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    Thanks for your reply! Then I need some research on this sub-project to find what to do 、how stuff works and required skills and knowledge。


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HI, Song,

The dist-cloud feature is not ready for stx.02 release due to we are adding containerization support, the work will continue after we get stx.02 release out of the door, and yes we are very glad to have you being the contributor for this sub-project.


Thx. - cindy



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Hi Folks:

       Is there any documentation about install Distributed Cloud?

We are eager for testing/appling this subproject, but found It’s still not



Best Regards




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