[Starlingx-discuss] StarlingX QAT validation progress

Perez, Ricardo O ricardo.o.perez at intel.com
Wed May 22 23:06:33 UTC 2019

Hi super StarlingX team,

In the following document, you can find the progress about QAT + StarlingX validation in a 2+2 system.

Overall, some blockers that we have been facing to get more progress is the stability of the latest ISOs. However, we have at least executed 4 successfully test cases:


Verify that QAT PCIe module doesn't generate any StarlingX installation issue


Verify that QAT module can be listed via lsmod


Verify that QAT driver / service is up and running


Verify newly added system inventory commands to support crypto device

For all the details about the remaining test cases, expected coverage, and results, please take a look here:


Also feel free to add any comment / input related to such tests that you might consider important to improve them.

Thanks in advance
-Ricardo (a.k.a. Richo)
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