[Starlingx-discuss] wrsroot -> sysadmin rebased reviews

Perez Carranza, Jose jose.perez.carranza at intel.com
Wed May 29 20:53:57 UTC 2019


I used the ISO provided by Saul and below are some findings on virtual environment.  

1. Interfaces are named eth0 and eth1 instead of eth1000 and eth1001, this is breaking our automation flow 
2. it never updates the `install_state` it always stays in `None` as our automation uses that value to monitor the installation progress it also fails 
3. Hacking those 2 issues I was able to complete deployment and execute Sanity (using config_controller --force) without significant problems (I saw some issues but are related to my host machine resources rather than the functionality)

Note: Issues 1 and 2 were not observed on any other ISOs recently validated. 

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> Folks,
> I pushed the rebased reviews for the username change to this set of 5 repos:
> https://review.opendev.org/#/q/topic:wrsroot
> I have created an ISO that the Intel team is testing with, if other members can
> build an iso with an updated manifest to include these changes and test.
> Thanks
>     Sau!
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