[Starlingx-discuss] Couple of questions about STX

Felix Kretschmer work at hubspace.de
Mon Sep 2 07:24:35 UTC 2019

Hello *,

I am at the research of possible technologies for my use case and came across STX.
Reading through the documentation and website I came up with a couple of questions and hope someone can help me by finding answers.

1. Realtime capabilities
I did not find any information about the realtime capabilities. Is STX in the compute nodes ready for time deterministic workloads within VMs? e.g. PREEMPT_RT Linux or bare metal virtual machines? I guess kvm is the underlying hypervisor?

2. Windows VMs
So far I did not find anything about Windows VMs. Due to the integration of Nova and the underlying technologies, I suppose this is possible without any doubts. Is it?

3. Hardware requirements
Probably the most interessting topic for me, because the requirements for bare metal installations seem quite high (Dual-socket with 8 cores each and 32GB RAM) for compute nodes.
Is this necessary? I wanted to deploy a couple of compute nodes, but with a lot smaller hw requirements as well (single socket octa or even quad cores with 16 or 8 GB of RAM). How much does the system of compute nodes itself needs? Quite a lot I suppose if the controller needs 64GB of RAM.

Thanks for any help.

Von meinem Mobiltelefon gesendet

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