[Starlingx-discuss] Couple of questions about STX

Felix Kretschmer work at hubspace.de
Mon Sep 2 14:01:07 UTC 2019

Hi Yong,
thanks. See my comments inline as well.

Am 2019-09-02 10:51, schrieb Yong Hu:
> Hi Felex, pls see my comments inline.
> On 02/09/2019 4:27 PM, Felix Kretschmer wrote:
>> Hi Yong,
>> thanks for the answer. Starting with OpenStack VMs. Containers via K8S might also be a later possibility.
>> So everything running on OpenStack will work with STX? I know that windows works with OpenStack.
> YES, StarlingX doesn't change OpenStack. It's supposed to make
> deployment of OpenStack easier.
>> The kvm in STX supports RT by VMs?
> Yes, it does. We ever tested a CentOS with RT kernel as the guest OS in VM.

Cool. Do you have any measurements (e.g. a cyclictest histogram) of this?

>> Is there any information about the demos you were talking about. Would be interested in gained experiences there.
> If you can articulate your use cases in details, we might share more
> about how to deploy.

My use case may be described as some kind of distributed setup of compute-nodes but they are filled with relative small workloads and therefore are not that rich in resources.
So I might have a controller (with or dedicated storage is both possible at full hardware specs) and several nodes with hardware specs of:
single socket CPU (quad or octa core), 8 to 16 GB (sometimes 32GB) memory and only 1 disk (HDD or SSD possible)

>> Best,
>> Felix
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>>> Am 02.09.2019 um 09:56 schrieb Yong Hu <yong.hu at intel.com>:
>>> Felix,
>>> pls see my comments inline.
>>> In addition, are you going to use OpenStack VMs or K8S containers?
>>> Regards,
>>> Yong
>>>> On 02/09/2019 3:24 PM, Felix Kretschmer wrote:
>>>> Hello *,
>>>> I am at the research of possible technologies for my use case and came across STX.
>>>> Reading through the documentation and website I came up with a couple of questions and hope someone can help me by finding answers.
>>>> 1. Realtime capabilities
>>>> I did not find any information about the realtime capabilities. Is STX in the compute nodes ready for time deterministic workloads within VMs? e.g. PREEMPT_RT Linux or bare metal virtual machines? I guess kvm is the underlying hypervisor?
>>> Compute node host Linux could be with standard kernel or RT kernel. Similarly guest OS in VM can have one of them.
>>> Yes, we are using KVM and QEMU.
>>>> 2. Windows VMs
>>>> So far I did not find anything about Windows VMs. Due to the integration of Nova and the underlying technologies, I suppose this is possible without any doubts. Is it?
>>> Good question. We haven't tried Windows as guest OS in VMs. Technically it should be okay to install a Windows VM on top of OpenStack.Checking out this doc: https://docs.openstack.org/image-guide/windows-image.html
>>>> 3. Hardware requirements
>>>> Probably the most interessting topic for me, because the requirements for bare metal installations seem quite high (Dual-socket with 8 cores each and 32GB RAM) for compute nodes.
>>>> Is this necessary? I wanted to deploy a couple of compute nodes, but with a lot smaller hw requirements as well (single socket octa or even quad cores with 16 or 8 GB of RAM). How much does the system of compute nodes itself needs? Quite a lot I suppose if the controller needs 64GB of RAM.
>>> It should be doable.
>>> In some experimental cases (like demos), we did install compute nodes on PCs (core based, 16GB RAM), though StarlingX preferable memory size is 32GB...
>>> As well, Supporting *smaller* work-notes ongoing effort...
>>>> Thanks for any help.
>>>> Best,
>>>> Felix
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