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Zvonar, Bill Bill.Zvonar at windriver.com
Wed Sep 4 10:16:39 UTC 2019

Hi all, as discussed in the Community Call & Release team meetings last week, we need forecast completion dates for each of the Rel 3 features to achieve Milestone-2.

The list is below, from the 3.0 planning sheet [0], and we’re also now tracking in StoryBoard [1].

As a reminder from the Release Milestones page [2], the criteria for Milestone-2 are: 
- Spec freeze
- Feature plans defined and feature development well underway
- Release test plan defined - including test automation deliverables
- Documentation plan defined


Feature [TSC Status, Project Lead(s)]
- Distributed Cloud [In, Dariush Eslimi]
- Backup & Restore with containers [In, Frank Miller]
- Containerized Openstack clients [In, Frank Miller]
- Fault Containerization [In, Frank Miller]
- Upversion K8s and dependencies [In, Frank Miller]
- Upversion Openstack to Train [In, Bruce Jones/Yong Hu]
- Intel GPU support for K8s [In, Cindy Xie]
- Intel QAT support for K8s [In, Cindy Xie]
- IPv6 support for PXE boot network [In, TBD] 
- TSN Support in VM [In, Forrest Zhao]
- R2 >> R3 Upgrades [In, Dariush Eslimi]
- Redfish Support [In, Dariush Eslimi]
- Infrastructure & Cluster Monitoring [In, Dariush Eslimi]
- Layered Build [In, Frank Miller]
- Support remote auth via OIDC / OAUTH2 for K8s API [In, Ghada Khalil]
- Sysvinit >> systemd Conversion/Cleanup [Ongoing, Saul Wold]
- Performance Testing/Measurement Framework [Ongoing, Bruce Jones/Victor]
- Multi-OS Support [Prep, Abraham Arce / Saul Wold]
- Intel FPGA support for K8s [Prep, Ghada Khalil]
- Containerize Ceph [TBD, Vivian Zhu]
- Containerize OVS-DPDK [TBD, Forrest Zhao]
- Flock Versioning [Under review, Saul Wold]

[0] 3.0 planning sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZFR-9-riwhIwiBYBmWmi1qOVyHtgJ8Xk_FaF2jp5rY0/edit?usp=sharing
[1] 3.0 planning board on StoryBoard: https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/board/186
[2] Release Milestone descriptions: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/StarlingX/Release_Plan#Release_Milestones

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Hello stx.3.0 feature primes... 

As discussed in the Community Call yesterday, we're looking for your forecast for dev/test completion.

Per below, the list of features targeted for stx.3.0 is available at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZFR-9-riwhIwiBYBmWmi1qOVyHtgJ8Xk_FaF2jp5rY0/edit#gid=1010323020.

We've also started a board on StoryBoard to track the plans for the features by top-level story: https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/board/186.  

Please provide an update for your feature(s) as to when you plan to complete your development & testing, and can hand off to the test team for feature testing.

Thanks, Bill...  

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Hello all,
The stx.3.0 milestone-2 is planned for the week of Sept 3. This is a call to the various primes (dev, test, doc) to help close the milestone criteria.

For a list of features targeted for stx.3.0 is available at:

The criteria for the milestone are as follows:
       - Spec freeze
              - Specs are in good shape.
              - Performance Framework spec is posted. R2 >> R3 spec will continue to be an exception.
       - Feature plans defined and feature development well underway
              - To date, we do not have concrete plans from the feature PLs on risk, status, and expected code merge dates
              - PLs, please update your plans on the spreadsheet above. Please also create the corresponding stories in StoryBoard and tag them with the stx.3.0 label 
       - Release test plan defined - including test automation deliverables
              - Test team is raising concerns about the scope of features for stx.3.0 and the release timeline. There are only 5wks left for feature testing and regression is supposed to start on Sept 23.
              - Given the tight timeline, we need PLs to provide a risk indicator for landing their feature content. Ideally, a rough plan would help the test team plan accordingly. If a feature is too big to land in stx.3.0, knowing this now helps the test team focus their efforts on the features that will make it. If a feature is delivering in chunks, please engage the test team so that they can test as content is delivered.
       - Documentation plan defined
              - Need confirmation from the doc team on what they have planned


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