[Starlingx-discuss] MultiOS: why not to place our Spec files in git directly

Saul Wold sgw at linux.intel.com
Wed Sep 4 17:25:28 UTC 2019

On 9/4/19 7:05 AM, Dominig ar Foll (Intel Open Source) wrote:
> On 04/09/2019 15:37, Saul Wold wrote:
>> On 9/4/19 2:36 AM, Dominig ar Foll (Intel Open Source) wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> as OBS allows to read the spec files from the git repo, would it not be
>>> a great idea to extract it from there directly ?
>> So if I am understanding what your suggesting, we just maintain an
>> _service file in OBS and the spec file then comes from the SCM bundle?
>> What about the case that some package has patches?  Or other SourceX:
>> directives in the spec file do those need to be listed also, it seems
>> like that might be the case.
> Saul,
> as we get the source file from the scm, any patches should be done in
> the scm directly, it's far easier to maintain changes in git than on
> individual patches files.
For the most part this will be true, but there may be some config or 
scripts that are maintained specifically for CentOS or openSUSE.

> the git command in OBS allows to point toward a given branch if needed.
> We can also download the patch file from the scm with the same tool as
> for the spec file. Would a patch file be the right solution to a given
> difference management.
Sounds like we can make it work beyond just patches.

> In short my proposal is to manage only the _service file in OBS and all
> the rest via git, in order to apply the same review process to all the
> the project.

I think there might be some details to work out in certain cases, but we 
should target for _service in OBS with *.spec, *.changes being 
maintained in Gerrit.


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