[Starlingx-discuss] stx2.0 release real-time cannot create VM

Lu, Bin1 bin1.lu at intel.com
Thu Sep 5 04:54:52 UTC 2019

      If someone have recently used real-time simplex/duplex StarlingX, I have a problem to create VM on controller under the image and helm-chart of stx2.0 release.
      If you have some information about it, we can have a talk.

Bin Lu

| ID                                   | Name | Status | Networks | Image  | Flavor   |
| a15c2c00-fabd-4509-a77d-92eb90ec4313 | vm1  | ERROR  |HERE IS EMPTY!| cirros | m1.tinny |
| c0464193-070d-410c-a137-5f35fdb2bbce | vm0  | ERROR  | HERE IS EMPTY!| cirros | m1.tinny |

Brief Description
Use stx2.0 release image and helm-chart to set up real-time StarlingX, and failed to create a VM on controller.
It seems that the Networks is in some error.

Provide the severity of the defect.

Steps to Reproduce
1. export OS_CLOUD=openstack_helm
2. openstack server create --image <image_name> --flavor <flavor_name> --nic net-id=xxxxx <vm_name>

Expected Behavior
VM is created successfully.

Actual Behavior
Wait and you will find VM is in ERROR.

100% reproducible

System Configuration
Real-time simplex/duplex

Branch/Pull Time/Commit
stx2.0 release

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