[Starlingx-discuss] vm boot from big size image timeout

Xu, YizhouX yizhoux.xu at intel.com
Thu Sep 5 08:36:52 UTC 2019

Hi all:
               I encouted a problem when I tried to create vm from a big-size image(4G) on a AIO node, and get error messages like:

'''VolumeNotCreated: Volume 4c186b68-542e-453c-ab77-0e5272337289 did not finish being created even after we waited 642 seconds or 209 attempts. And its status is error.\n","stream":"stdout","time":"2019-09-05T10:31:51.947340783Z"}'''

Refere to answer from openstack community like :

Tuning  parameters "block_device_allocate_retries", "block_device_allocate_retries_interval" in nova.conf of compute node can resolve the problem.
               But after checking current nova.conf in nova-compute pods, found nova.conf have already been set like that
               block_device_allocate_retries = 2400
block_device_allocate_retries_interval = 3
Seem retries(2400)*interval(3)=7800 sec didn't take effect on my env.
Did anyone encounter that problem before ?  Glad for any suggestion.

Best Regards

Xu ,Yizhou
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