[Starlingx-discuss] [Important] repo restructuring

Little, Scott Scott.Little at windriver.com
Fri Sep 6 04:19:16 UTC 2019

We have a successful ISO build on CENGN.  I will be launching a second build to test docker image creation.

I still recommend we stay frozen for one more day while we await a sanity result.  You can however start looking at the new code structure.

A warning however.  The paths to our most active repos has changed.  The 'stx-' prefix has been dropped from must repos.  e.g. cgcs-root/stx/stx-integ is now just cgcs-root/stx/integ.  What this meens is that a 'repo sync --force-sync' will delete cgcs-root/stx/stx-integ and create cgcs-root/stx/integ from scratch.  It won't just move the repo to the new install path. Deleting the old path mean any work you may have saved in a side branch or in stash will be gone!

I strongly recommend you do one of two things.

1) Back up your work somewhere outside of the directory structure controlled by the repo tool before you 'repo sync ...'

2) Set up a new root directory and start fresh with 'repo init ...' and 'repo sync ...'

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Please treat the code base as frozen.  No gerrit reviews, other than the restructuring reviews I'll be publishing today, should be receiving a WF+1 until further notice.

Thanks for your cooperation.


On 2019-09-03 2:33 p.m., Scott Little wrote:
Pending a final green sanity result, the tentative restructure day will be Sept 4 (tomorrow).

Please freeze ALL code submissions, starting at 1 pm UTC on Sept 4, until further notice.

I'll be running a repo split tool. It will generate more than a dozen code reviews that will ALL have to be merged before we can unfreeze the code for general updates.

After everything has merged, you'll need to ...

1) If you are working on code that has not been relocated (refer to spreadsheet [3]) then 'repo sync --force-sync' be sufficient.  Before doing that, be sure to save your work as a commit on a private working branch.

2) If your working on code that has been relocated,  Then your best bet is to start with a fresh 'repo init' into a new working directory.  Use 'git format-patch' or 'diff' to capture your work, and apply the patch at the new location.   Some surgery to path names may be required.

Scott Little

On 2019-08-30 4:09 p.m., Scott Little wrote:

The layered build feature is getting ready for its initial required changes [1] [2].

The first phase is a restructuring of the StarlingX git repos to enable layered builds in the next phase.  In light of new package additions in the last few weeks, there has been a few modifications and additions to the spreadsheet [3] documenting all the intended moves.  Edits are in blue text.  The intent is that all package relocations will be history preserving.

We plan to implement the git restructuring on the week of September 3-6.

My initial ask of the StarlingX community is that we temporarily freeze the addition of any new packages while we make a final test run.  This means that any updates that touch a centos_pkgs_dir file should not receive a WF+1 until the relocation is complete.  After the relocation, you may need to re-issue your code review.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Scott Little

[1] https://review.opendev.org/#/c/672288/

[2] https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2006166

[3] https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zURL1UlDST8lnvw3dMlNWN6pkLX6EVF6TDBwNR9TQik/edit#gid=1697053891

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