[Starlingx-discuss] [nova] server usage audit API

Kopec, Gerald (Gerry) Gerry.Kopec at windriver.com
Tue Sep 10 03:59:25 UTC 2019

Looking at the openstack-discuss thread, it seems that they need to keep it.
I'm not aware of anything in starlingx that is looking at this API though the audit is enabled by default by openstack-helm nova.

From the thread though, it does appear that there is no purge mechanism for the task_log table in nova.
Prior to stx2.0, we had a stx-nova patch that would purge task_log table records older than 30 days.
So I'm thinking we should pull in any upstream nova fix that is proposed for this or help create one.


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I'm not sure how many folks here also follow the openstack-discuss
list so I'm bringing some attention to this bit of API that the Nova
team is considering deprecating.


melwitt> TL;DR: I have a question, does the Telemetry service (or any other
service) still make use of the server usage audit log API in Nova [1]?

Do any flock services use this API?  If so we should head over to
openstack-discuss and join the conversation.


Dean Troyer
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