[Starlingx-discuss] MultiOS: call of python via #!/usr/bin/env

Dominig ar Foll (Intel Open Source) dominig.arfoll at fridu.net
Wed Sep 11 14:05:15 UTC 2019

On 11/09/2019 15:35, Jeremy Stanley wrote:
> [...]
> Assuming the interpreter you want will always be available at
> /usr/bin/python2 on systems where these scripts are meant to be run,
> that's the recommended solution, yes. You can also use some
> distbuild-time routine to patch the shebang lines of all scripts to
> refer to the correct interpreter path for the target system if it
> differs from the norm.
As the target OS are all of Linux type, a python link will always be
available at /usr/bin/python.
As for the time being we want to enforce python2, I will propose to
replace all the call to /usr/bin/env by a direct call to python.

Remains to decide if we call directly python2 or just python.
For me enforcing python2 by the OBS build system is easy (a simple
"prefer: python2" statement in "project config" , so I would be happy to
not enforce the pythin release on a per packet basis, but the people
working on Pythin3 support may have a different opinion that I would
like to know.


Dominig ar Foll
Senior Software Architect
Intel Open Source Technology Centre

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