[Starlingx-discuss] [multi os] Need of systemd for adoption of flock services in other os

Victor Rodriguez vm.rod25 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 12 17:37:17 UTC 2019

Hi community

As part of the multi-OS effort for multi os, the first steps were to
make the flock services build and run on other OS such as openSUSE
system. The build of the flock services is complete and now OBS is
being used for it ( some minor details are under fix ). After that,
the runtime dependencies were addressed. One of the characteristics
STX flocks have is that If they are managed by Service Management (SM)
then sysvinit scripts are used instead of systemd

SM is a great component from STX which has cool features such as:

* Manages high availability of critical infrastructure and cluster services
• Use of multiple messaging paths to avoid split-brain communication failures
• Uses cluster connectivity data to determine the communication failures

The fact that is based on sysvinit does not prevent us from running
other flock services on openSUSE, or that someone else wants to manage
the services by something else apart from SM. However we would like to
ask the community how important is the standardization of systemd for
the adoption of STX flock services on other OS

The proposal would be to have most of the existing services handled by
SM via systemd in order to deprecate the sysvinit scripts. SM will
directly manage the services, via systemd commands. A bit of rewrite
to current scripts might be necessary. This way there is a consistent
set of scripts/unit/service files. So, SM would need to be extended to
understand systemd interactions

 Any feedback from anyone on the community more than welcome


Victor Rodriguez

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