[Starlingx-discuss] [TSC] Minutes of last two meetings

Jolliffe, Ian Ian.Jolliffe at windriver.com
Thu Sep 12 19:15:26 UTC 2019

A few highlights - we have cleaned up the spec backlog and now have 3 left to merge.  2 are very close and need a few more reviews and the third is getting close as well.

A lot of discussion to help get organized for the next round of elections.  More detail below.

Standing topics
STX elections - projects discussion (ildikov)
Project list update in the governance repository - https://review.opendev.org/#/c/680514/

Project list on the wiki - https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/StarlingX
Overlaps raised on the Community Call (September 11) - merge?
Build - discuss on ML
Distro - discuss on ML
MultiOS - should be an integration project
Container project - should be an integration project

Projects listed only on the wiki - are these still active or should they be SIG's / work items
Python2 to Python3 Transition - cross project activity
Zuul Enablement and Coverage - break into all teams
Devstack Integration - part of test team - really tooling for test
StarlingX In-a-box - shut down

Standing topics
STX elections (ildikov)
First email to announce the election period is out: http://lists.starlingx.io/pipermail/starlingx-discuss/2019-September/005912.html
There are projects without repositories while for PL/TL elections we need to identify project contributors
List of projects without repos according to https://docs.starlingx.io/governance/reference/tsc/projects/index.html:
Do we want to combine some of the teams?
Need a prime from TSC to help election officials - to help sort this out - in the next two weeks
Brent to help out

Do all these sub-projects still follow the general team structure with PLs and TLs?
Is there a preferred method to identify inital set of contributors who're participating in the team's work?

Shanghai Board meeting project overview/update prep (ildikov)
add your name if you will be at the board meeting
need a presenter
please add to the etherpad
Sunday before the summit.

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