[Starlingx-discuss] R2.0 iso installation failure: USB device naming

Pratik M. pvmpublic at gmail.com
Fri Sep 13 12:47:37 UTC 2019

Thank you for the tip. That took me a step ahead. But just to report,
the ansible-playbook now fails saying "Failed to determine the boot
device". Have filed an issue:

Could this be because biosnames=0 is used and since I removed my USB
key post install, thus causing a rename?


On Tue, Sep 10, 2019 at 6:57 PM Penney, Don <Don.Penney at windriver.com> wrote:
> If you hit <tab> in the boot menu on your selection, you can edit the command-line. Update the boot_device and rootfs_device fields to the disk you'd like to use for the installation.
> As a side note, I will be introducing a build tool soon that provides an easy mechanism for a user to modify an ISO with new/updated boot parameters.
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> > You should have two hard disk.
> Yes, I do. But they were completely wiped (no partition). I will try
> creating a partition, in a bit. For now, I went ahead and used the
> IPMI virtual cdrom option to boot. But I think the root cause is the
> installer assumption that it wants to install in /dev/sda (below).
> Guess I will have to spin a custom iso.
>  menu begin
> [...]
>     append rootwait console=tty0 inst.text
> inst.stage2=hd:LABEL=oe_iso_boot inst.ks=hd:LABEL=oe_iso_boot:/ks.cfg
> boot_device=sda rootfs_device=sda biosdevname=0 usbcore.autosuspend=-1
> inst.gpt security_profile=standard user_namespace.enable=1
> Thanks
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