[Starlingx-discuss] what's the difference of the starlingx with Openstack

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  I am learning Starlingx. I will join.
  Thank you!
-- LiuZheng

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Hi, Liu Zheng,
Not sure if you question got answered. I noticed that you are in China, and if you’re still interested, we have a StarlingX meetup event in Beijing on Sep 20th, and you’re welcome to join. Details see: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/OpenSource-StarlingX_meetup-Beijing
Thx. - cindy
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 Subject: what's the difference of the starlingx with Openstack
   From now on, I read some projects and documents of Starlingx, but I haven't learned the real difference with the Openstack yet. 
Who have the infomation of this question, please tell me.
   Thank you.
 -- Liu zheng
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