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Lin, Shuicheng shuicheng.lin at intel.com
Sat Sep 21 09:07:13 UTC 2019

The picture you attached shows it is “compute-1”, not “compute-0” for the 3rd step.
Is it the issue?

Best Regards

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Hi all,
     I want to add one compute node on a server.  There were already one controller and one compute node.I  took following steps:

1.      source /etc/nova/openrc

2.      system host-port-list compute-0

3.     system host-if-modify -p providernet-a -c data compute-0 enp132s0f0
    After the third step, I got error:
Host a90d78c8-cc9b-46ee-adc0-368162d4e783 could not be found
Neutron server returns request_ids: ['req-5b7df42c-17a5-4eb2-a89a-99d5893019e9']

Anybody knows how to fix this?

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