[Starlingx-discuss] How to create containerized instance on STX R2.0?

Chris Friesen chris.friesen at windriver.com
Mon Sep 23 16:40:16 UTC 2019

STX provides a Kubernetes environment in which you can dedicate specific 
nodes to run OpenStack.

If you want to create containers you can use the various Kubernetes APIs 
and tools to manage them, including things like Helm and Airship-Armada.

If you run the OpenStack application on top of STX, it allows you to 
dedicate some worker nodes as OpenStack compute nodes, and you can then 
create hardware-accelerated VMs using the normal OpenStack tools to 
manage them.


On 9/23/2019 4:09 AM, Ezpeer Chen wrote:
> Dear all,
> STX R2.0 should support both VM and containers.
> How to create containerized instance on STX R2.0?
> Is the container instance (created by user)  running on Openstack or 
> on k8s pod ?
> Thanks
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