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In my view, this proposed change to bundle these individual projects into a single sub-project makes sense as each of these projects maps to a repo and is providing only a portion of the functionality for the StarlingX platform.  These individual repos are too small to stand on their own as a sub-project and were defined as sub-projects at the start of StarlingX when we thought each repo needed to be its own project.  We've learned over time that it would be much more efficient to bundle these into a single platform sub-project.  This will help with organizing work and onboarding new contributors.  As the PL for the current nfv subproject I full support merging these into a StarlingX Platform subproject.


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I’m reaching out about an open review that proposes to merge six of the StarlingX projects into one: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/683410/

As this proposal affects 1/3 of the project teams I would like to have a community discussion about this rearrangement.

I have a few questions to discuss:

* Are all of these projects still active?
* From functionality perspective the project teams cover very different areas. What are the motivating factors behind the proposed change?
* Does this proposal help with organizing work and onboarding new contributors?

I would like to have feedback from the project team members and community members on the above questions as well as in general in response to the proposed change. Please respond to this thread and share your views.

I also checked some details and based on the StarlingX wiki the projects listed in the subject have no meetings and their wiki pages are also very brief in providing information about what they do and how to participate. I think this is something to look into in general and it should be the responsibility of all project teams and contributors.

I propose to have a liaison from every team to look into addressing this topic to make sure this is an ongoing activity along with the technical development work. What do you think about this idea?

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