[Starlingx-discuss] Bare metal AIO Duplex Installation - PXE Boot Issue with Controller-1

MacDonald, Eric Eric.MacDonald at windriver.com
Thu Nov 5 15:10:52 UTC 2020

Hi Susendra,

Can you please provide the mtcAgent.log file for this failure case.
Is your controller-1 server BMC provisioned and using Redfish ?


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Subject: [Starlingx-discuss] Bare metal AIO Duplex Installation - PXE Boot Issue with Controller-1

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Hello All,

Install guide: https://docs.starlingx.io/deploy_install_guides/r4_release/bare_metal/aio_duplex.html
Image deployed on Controller-0: http://mirror.starlingx.cengn.ca/mirror/starlingx/release/latest_release/centos/flock/outputs/iso/bootimage.iso
Network setup with 3 segments for OAM, MGMT & DATA0/1 is done as per attached Network Diagram.

On Controller-0, installation, boot strapping, configuration & unlock is successful.

On Controller-1, facing issue with PXE boot. Below is the summary -

  *   Controller-0 can identify Controller-1 in 'system host-list'
  * is PXE boot interface on Controller-0
  *   dnsmasq is the PXE boot service running on Controller-0
  *   Physical network connectivity is appropriate between the Controllers
  *   But still Controller-1 couldn't boot with PXE interface. Any other HW issue?

Attached the build information of Controller-0 & dnsmasq daemon logs.

Please provide inputs to fix the PXE boot issue on Controller-1.

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