[Starlingx-discuss] Help needed for CentOS-8 Rebase

Saul Wold Saul.Wold at windriver.com
Sat Nov 7 23:10:12 UTC 2020

Austin, Gopi, FuYong, Shuicheng:

Windriver is restarting the Cento-8 work, one of the early items that we 
could really use help with is re-basing to master.  You guys are most 
knowledgeable with the current state of the f/centos8 branch and the 
setup. The team we are working with is totally new to StarlingX and 
would not have any context to work the rebase from.

I started to look at it, but the amount of change in centos8 vs master 
did not make it easy to understand which side to take and I am afraid I 
would be making some bad mistakes and setting us back rather than moving 
forward. Also I have forgotten more than I originally knew about how to 
rebase, I can do the easier ones (with few conflicts).

I hope some engineers of the original CentOS-8 team can take a few days 
as they are most familiar with the work. Particularly the stx-tools, 
root, integ, and maybe config repos.

Thanks for the community support.

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