[Starlingx-discuss] FW: New Proposed Time for the StarlingX Release Meeting team

Bhat, Gopalkrishna gopalkrishna.bhat at intel.com
Wed Nov 11 07:55:39 UTC 2020

Hello Ghada ,

Considering we have the TSC + Community meeting on Wednesday from 8:30pm IST ,Can we check if 8:00pmIST(30mins later than the present proposal) is ok with all ?


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Subject: [Starlingx-discuss] FW: New Proposed Time for the StarlingX Release Meeting team
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Re-sending as my original message got moderated due to a large receiver list.


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Subject: New Proposed Time for the StarlingX Release Meeting team
Importance: High

Hello all,
As discussed in the PTG and in an effort to increase participation in the Release Meeting, especially from PLs/Feature Primes in Asia, we are proposing to change the meeting to be held bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 6:30am Pacific / 9:30am Eastern / 3:30pm Budapest / 7:30pm Bangalore / 10:30pm Beijing

If you are a regular attendee, please let me know if the new time would work better for you.
Gopi / Austin / Yong, we're particularly interested to know if you would be able to attend regularly if we move to this new time.   If this time doesn't work, please suggest others so that we can converge on a suitable time. (If we need to alternate the meeting

On behalf of the release team

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