[Starlingx-discuss] Resource requirement for Starlingx

Rai, Ankush Ankush.Rai at commscope.com
Fri Nov 13 07:12:48 UTC 2020

Thanks Mary and Greg. Actually our main concerns is hardware evaluation, the question what I am trying to ask here is “How much resources would be required by starlingx platform?  (without hosting openstack)”
Let me explain this with below example.

If the resource requirements for our applications:
CPU Core: 16
RAM        : 32 GB

And resource requirements for Starlingx platform (as mentioned int the referenced link ):
CPU Core: 8
RAM        : 64 GB

Then the target hardware should have minimum resources of:
CPU core: 24
RAM        : 96 GB

  *   Does the mentioned resources in “Minimum Hardware Requirements” are going to be reserved for starlingx platform?
  *   I think if we are not going to host the openstack then the hardware requirements for the starlingx would be much less then the mentioned one.


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Hi Ankush, Unfortunately, the Planning Guide Bruce mentioned is not available yet, we are still working on upstreaming this doc. In the meantime, I hope the info Greg pointed to is helpful. Please let
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Hi Ankush,
Unfortunately, the Planning Guide Bruce mentioned is not available yet, we are still working on upstreaming this doc.
In the meantime, I hope the info Greg pointed to is helpful. Please let us know if you have more questions.

Mary Camp
Kelly Services Technical Writer | maryx.camp at intel.com<mailto:maryx.camp at intel.com>

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All of the existing install guides have a section on “Minimum Hardware Requirements”  (i.e. I think you want minimum not maximum, right ?)
e.g. for the aio-simplex

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[Please note this e-mail is from an EXTERNAL e-mail address]
Please reply on this. Any input will be very useful to conclude on available resource pool for user applications.


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Subject: Resource requirement for Starlingx


How to evaluate the resource usage by Starling platform (Not running the Openstack applications)? What would be the maximum requirement for below resources?

  *   Processor core -
  *   Hyper threads  -
  *   Memory            -
  *   Primary disk     -

The objective of this question is to find out the available resources pool for application deployment.
For an example if the worker node hardware has ‘X’ Hyper-Threads and on an average ‘Y’ Hyper-Threads would be used by Starlingx platform, then remaining Hyper-Thread would be available for user applications.
How do I get this ‘Y’ portion of resource here?

Note: the deployment is not going to host the Openstack (stx-openstack), so its overhead can be excluded.

Is this something, that can be concluded by starligx admin portal, PlatformHost -> InventoryHost -> Detail:
Disk info
Size (GiB)
Available Size (GiB)
Serial ID
PERC H740P Mini


Reserved for Platform: 7000 MiB
Usable Total: 121390 MiB
Available: 121390 MiB

What does this CPU profile means? is this provides a way to reserve/associate CPUs for user applications ?

Any pointers to understand the resource allocation in starlingx ?

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