[Starlingx-discuss] 回复:回复: 【StarlingX】Regarding external networking issue

CH.Huang789 ch.huang789 at advantech.com.tw
Tue Nov 17 09:22:52 UTC 2020

Thanks, Austin:

It’s working for me. Share my steps:

echo "Using helm-overrides to change the vni"
cat > neutron-overrides.yaml <<EOF
       - 1:4000

echo "Update the neutron overrides and apply to stx-openstack"
source /etc/platform/openrc
system helm-override-update stx-openstack neutron openstack --values neutron-overrides.yaml
system application-apply stx-openstack
watch -n 5 system application-list

C.H. Huang

From: Sun, Austin <austin.sun at intel.com>
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Hi Huang:
It’s better to use helm override command to change neutron ml2 setting .
Please refer to Networking setting [1]

[1] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/StarlingX/Networking#Useful_Networking_Commands

Austin Sun.
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Hi All:

I try to edit the ml2_config.ini but it’s always show me a readonly file even I am the root user or I use “sudo”.
controller-0:~$ source ./openrc.os
[sysadmin at controller-0 ~(keystone_admin)]$ kubectl exec -it neutron-ovs-agent-controller-0-937646f6-k5q4x -n openstack -- bash
[root at controller-0 /]# vi /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini

extensions =
extension_drivers = port_security
mechanism_drivers = openvswitch,sriovnicswitch,l2population
path_mtu = 0
physical_network_mtus = phy-flat1:1500,physnet2:1500
tenant_network_types = vlan,vxlan
type_drivers = flat,vlan,vxlan
flat_networks = phy-flat1,physnet2
vni_ranges =
vxlan_group =
vhost_user_enabled = true
firewall_driver = openvswitch
"/etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini" [readonly] 18L, 435C

Can someone help me?

C.H. Huang

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