[Starlingx-discuss] [docs] [meeting] Docs team notes 2020-11-18

Camp, MaryX maryx.camp at intel.com
Wed Nov 18 22:49:44 UTC 2020

Hello all,
Here are this week's docs team meeting minutes (short form). Details in [2].
Join us if you have interest in StarlingX docs! We meet on Wednesdays 12:30 PST.

  [1]   Call logistics: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Starlingx/Meetings 
  [2]   Tracking Etherpad: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/stx-documentation 

Mary Camp
All -- reviews merged since last meeting:  0
All -- bug status -- 19 total - team agrees to defer all low priority LP until the upstreaming effort is completed. 
13 LP submitted by https://launchpad.net/~leiyuehui against API documentation, which is generated from source code (low priority). Reviews here: https://review.opendev.org/#/q/project:starlingx/config
Reviews in progress:   ceph/rook, layered build updates, upstreamed docs

Note: Next week's meeting is cancelled (25Nov). Ron, Juanita, and Greg can chat if they want to; the Zoom bridge will be available. 

Shared content discussion
- The User tasks guide shares a bunch of topics with Security, Admin, and possibly other guides. How do we point to them since they haven't merged. 
- Some options: schedule the guides to be reviewed and merged sequentially, set up the reviews "depends-on" so they merge in order, use stub files? This needs more thinking/discussion.
- References:
   How to add a dependency to a gerrit review: https://docs.opendev.org/opendev/infra-manual/latest/developers.html#adding-a-dependency
   Use "depends-on" in the commit message: https://docs.opendev.org/opendev/infra-manual/latest/developers.html#multiple-changes

StarlingX R5 target date
- April 2021 is the target for STX R5. May 2021 is the target for WindRiver GA release. 
- Gives plenty of time to figure out the best plan to coordinate the information between upstream and downstream and avoid duplication of effort.

Upstreaming status: 
- Most of the work is review-oriented. Keane and Drake are cleaning up their reviews and comments. 
- Ron's new doc is User Tasks.
- Juanita is working on the Admin Tasks guide.

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