[Starlingx-discuss] Integration of a private 5G core Net

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... see in-lined comments below,

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Dear StarlingX community,

I'm interested in the integration of a commercial 5G core with StarlingX. In the documentation I couldn't find any descriptions about how it should be done.
[Greg] StarlingX is a Kubernetes/OpenStack platform for hosting containerized/virtualized applications.
StarlingX can host a variety of applications, 5G, Other Telecom Services, Industrial Services, etc. .
StarlingX Documentation currently does not provide descriptions of example application deployments/architectures on top of StarlingX.

Is there any description of the interfaces of StarlingX from/to the 5g core and RAN?
[Greg] The interfaces of StarlingX from/to Applications (such as 5g core and RAN) generally include
- generic helm/kuberentes interfaces for managing the application in the kubernetes cluster,
      > this includes indirect interfaces with network and storage backends
- interfaces with services provided by StarlingX in support of applications ... e.g. Cert-Manager, Vault, MetricsServer, etc.

... i.e. they are more kubernetes platform-level interfaces.


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