[Starlingx-discuss] Bi-Weekly StarlingX OS Distro & Multi-OS Meeting Minutes: August 4, 2021

Linda Wang Linda.Wang at windriver.com
Tue Aug 17 14:24:48 UTC 2021


Attendess:Frank Miller, Anthony Nowell, Bill Zvonar, Bob Church, Steve 
Gearym Charles Short, Mark Asseslstine

Agenda items:
1. OS Distro (Mark)

  * Python Status
      o Stop the python porting until we get a debian OS build
  * 5.10 kernel is now on master
      o 7/30's build has included the 5.10 kernel
      o it's important get to latest update
      o crashdump boot cmdline parameter needs to be evaluated since
        crashdump=auto is not there in the 5.10 kernel.
  * Demo of Debian OS build system last week.
      o more review sent out this week.
  * Feedback coming in on Debian folder structure
      o Debian utility can track upstream status
  * Individual offload container, from core containers to offload has
    been demo'ed.
      o worked on updated OS packages from CentOS to Debian packages
      o do we have a list of packages that we can needs update?
          + yes, Saul has that list from previously upstream
          + see the "New Plan" tab of
              # Dev Backlog column
              # N/A: patch is not applicable to Debian (i.e. mostly RPM
                specfile changes to add the patches themselves)
              # yes: patch is required to bring up a simplex IPv4 host
              # no: patch is probably required for other configurations
                (e.g. IPv6, multiple nodes, secure boot)
              # drop: patch not required on Debian
          + Further breakdown between OS and non-OS has only been done
            for the teams working on the transition in WR and does not
            impact the community
  * Review of patches is still on-going, and number 1 priority
      o container and repo patches are out for review..
      o roughly 10-15 patches are out for review at the moment.

2. Multi-OS

  * N/A

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