[Starlingx-discuss] STX tools - still broken, or Im the idiot!

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Sun Dec 5 03:41:16 UTC 2021

Here we go again...! I dont see how anyone is generating and iso right now, 
because the document is surely incorrect ... So please enlighten me as to 
how to accomplish this!
I follow this guide.... everything works fine up until generate 

repo sync has finished successfully.

[dingo at 1e7c00175f3d master]$ generate-centos-repo.sh /import/mirrors/CentOS





The mirror /import/mirrors/CentOS doesn't has the Binary and Source
folders. Please provide a valid mirror

So how goes one create this "mirror" ? So this all works.

And yes, Im sorry but I do have a bit of an attitude, Ive been trying to 
accomplish this for "months" and getting nowhere!
Its very frustrating when your trying to understand something and the 
documentation isnt quite clear.

Initialize the source tree.
repo init -u https://opendev.org/starlingx/manifest.git -m default.xml
repo sync
To generate centos-repo

The centos-repo is a set of symbolic links to the packages in the mirror 
and the mock configuration file. It is needed to create these links if this 
is the first build or the mirror has been updated.

generate-centos-repo.sh /import/mirrors/CentOS

Where the argument to the script is the path of the mirror.

To build all packages:
$ cd $MY_REPO
$ build-pkgs or build-pkgs --clean <pkglist>; build-pkgs <pkglist>
To generate local-repo:

The local-repo has the dependency information that sequences the build 
order; To generate or update the information the following command needs to 
be executed after building modified or new packages.

$ generate-local-repo.sh
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