[Starlingx-discuss] [Debian Build]: Layout of the debian folder

Scott Little scott.little at windriver.com
Wed Jul 28 15:41:40 UTC 2021


    The text is unclear.

    I think you are saying that the deb built out of directory 
"integ/base/dhcp" would get the name "dhcp" by defult.  However the 
Debian convention is to call this package "isc-dhcp" so we must include 
a "integ/base/dhcp/debian/debname" file to force the package we build to 
receive the name "isc-dhcp"


    This overrides the upstream folder entirely?  It can't be used to 
add files or override specific upstream files?  If it does override the 
entire folder, perhaps we need a warning from the package builder that 
the override has occurred.


    Should support some common macros rather than relying strictly on 
relative paths.  This aids in code restructuring, both within and across 
    e.g. we have macros like... PKG_BASE, GIT_BASE, STX_BASE


    At some point it would be desirable to have a tool to aid in patch 
creation.  It should use git.

    Currently build-pkg --edit tries to do this, but it's not very 
reliable as rpm's approach to patching fairly free-form and hard to 

    e.g. stx edit --pkg-type=debian --package=dhcp
    = it copies 'debian' to a working directory and does   git init, git 
add --all, git commit
    = It copies tarball source into a second working directory and does 
   git init, git add --all, git commit
    = It applies 'patches' and 'deb_patches' to the correct gits, in the 
correct order, and creates a git commit for each.

    The user can then edit files, cherry-pick a fix from elsewhere, 
re-order or delete a patch... etc.

    Finally the user uses git format-patch to regenerate the patch and 
deb-patch series ... or perhaps this step is covered by the 'stx' tool ...
          stx edit --publish --pkg-type=debian --package=dhcp

    One major use of tis is to 'de-fuzz' patches when moving to a new 
upstream version/tarball

On 2021-07-26 3:33 a.m., ytao wrote:
> Hello Everyone:
> You may have known Wind River team is working on the transition to 
> Debian OS, more details of the project can be found at 
> https://docs.starlingx.io/specs/specs/stx-6.0/. My purpose is 
> launching a discussion about the userspace packages transition to 
> Debian. The spec can be found at 
> https://docs.starlingx.io/specs/specs/stx-6.0/approved/starlingx_2008704_debian_transition.html
> In order to inherit the existing userspace construction as much as 
> possible, our proposal is creating a 'debian' folder in same directory 
> with 'centos' folder for each package. For example, the dhcp package 
> in integ repo, it's centos folder is at:
> https://opendev.org/starlingx/integ/src/branch/master/base/dhcp/centos
> We will create a debian folder in same location
> https://opendev.org/starlingx/integ/src/branch/master/base/dhcp/debian.
> All materials in this folder control building dhcp under Debian host. 
> The "stx_deb_folder_layout.rst" is the layout of debian folder. I also 
> attach a couple of samples to demonstrate how to fill the debian 
> folder for a debian package and a 3rd package.
> This layout is not the final version, I'm appreciated for any 
> suggestion from you.
> Thanks,
> ytao
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