[Starlingx-discuss] Debian as an Associate Member of the OpenInfra Foundation

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Wed Feb 2 14:56:30 UTC 2022

In December, I initiated a discussion on the general mailing list
for SPI (Software in the Public Interest, the non-profit foundation
which represents the Debian project) proposing that Debian join the
OpenInfra Foundation as an Associate Member organization. You can
find the conversation archived here:


It was suggested that getting input from Debian Developers on the
matter would be the next step, and so we had follow-up replies from
a DD who does much of the OpenStack packaging in Debian, as well as
another DD who is on the OpenInfra Foundation board of directors.

Recently, I realized that StarlingX's effort to build a Debian
derivative distribution is another opportunity to show collaboration
between our communities. If there are any official Debian Developers
active within StarlingX, a post to the spi-general mailing list
(you'll need to be subscribed in order to avoid a typically lengthy
moderation wait) with your thoughts on the proposal would be most
Jeremy Stanley
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