[Starlingx-discuss] Feb 16th, 2022 Bi-Weekly StarlingX OS Distro & Multi-OS meeting

Wang, Linda Linda.Wang at windriver.com
Wed Feb 16 17:41:47 UTC 2022


Action Items: a. Mark A. will people know when the Pulp version is released.
Attendees: Charles Short, Mark Asselstine, Scott Little, Jason, Bob, Davlet,...

1. STX Debian Integration
    Outstanding patch review:  https://review.opendev.org/c/starlingx/tools/+/817691

2. Build System

  *    Davlet has started looking at build system in K8N.

  *   Not all dev builds need to be rebuilt.  Mark will look into this.

  *   Addition to LAT, HongXu and Eric are working through the issues

  *   Aptly vs Pulp

  *   Mark A. has talked to the Pulp maintainer

  *   Mark's submission is completed.

  *   Maintainer however is revamping testing code and switching over to different tagging. So not sure when this release is coming out.

  *   Mark A. will let people know when this version is out, and time to switch from Aptly to Pulp (Pulp is also the based project for Red Hat Satellite)

  *   Why switch?  Aptly is not being maintained any more. Unfortunately, timing may not be ideal.

3. Kernel

  *   Kernel Modules still need to bring in.  Unfortunately, they are using forked version.

  *   Mellanox and Broadcom use the same library/common library, RDMA, but different versions. So, there are some conflicts will need to be resolved

  *   The fork version,  who will be maintaining the forked version over time. Encourage folks to not use their custom fork.

  *   Will need do a stable update soon, moving from current .74, to .100 (most recent). The gap is a bit large, so will need to make it more frequent (with gap of 10 versions)

4. Secureboot & Signing

  *   Secureboot and Signing/repo signature in the same EPICs

  *   Work currently is on signing.  Will work on secureboot. since HongXu just finished fixed the PXE boot with LAT. So, folks will work on secureboot next.

  *   Signing is for both kernel signing and module signing, repo signing.

  *   signing: md5sum not as secured. start with mapping what Debian does.

  *   Debian Security Manual:  https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/securing-debian-manual/deb-pack-sign.en.html

​Next meeting: March 2nd, 2022
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