[Starlingx-discuss] stx-6.0 cert-manager / ingress-nginx

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Fri Feb 18 17:02:35 UTC 2022

anyone ?

system application-list shows cert-manager is upload, yet not applied on a 
fresh install

| cert-manager        | 1.0-26                        | 
cert-manager-manifest         | certmanager-manifest. | uploaded     | 
completed                 |

if i remember correctly, both cert-manage and ingress-nginx used to be 
included and applied previously
now it seems ingress-nginx isnt even onboard? was it replaced? on 
deprecated in favor of something else?

how do we get http/https ingress for k8s apps now? do we just apply the 
cert-manager helm chart?

i dont see anything in the install guide? or is there another document i 
should be looking at now?

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