[Starlingx-discuss] [build-report] master STX_build_layer_compiler_master_master - Build # 820 - Failure!

Scott Little scott.little at windriver.com
Wed Jan 19 15:41:19 UTC 2022

Build failure is due to a failure to build golang-1.16.12.  Golang was 
upgraded for this build by ...


error message was ...

    RPM build errors:
    + cd go
    BUILDSTDERR: /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.h96QD2: line 35: cd: go: No such file 
or directory

It should read 'cd go-16.12' based on the post download_mirrors.sh 
tarball.   Now download_mirrors.sh was asked to modify the base 
directory of go1.16.12.src.tar.gz to read 'go-16.12' by this line in 


At this stage download_mirrors.sh will not re-download, so we must 
change the 'cd' in the spec to match, rather than modifying 


On 2022-01-18 9:43 p.m., build.starlingx at gmail.com wrote:
> [Please note: This e-mail is from an EXTERNAL e-mail address]
> Project: STX_build_layer_compiler_master_master
> Build #: 820
> Status: Failure
> Timestamp: 20220119T023000Z
> Branch: master
> Check logs at:
> http://mirror.starlingx.cengn.ca/mirror/starlingx/master/centos/compiler/20220119T023000Z/logs
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Parameters
> FULL_BUILD: false
> FORCE_BUILD: false
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