[Starlingx-discuss] multi-node AIO / PXE booting

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Tue May 10 11:48:41 UTC 2022

On Mon, May 9, 2022 at 4:01 PM Outback Dingo <outbackdingo at gmail.com> wrote:

> can i deploy a duplex aio on 2-3 nodes? and worker/storage on 4 nodes

Duplex AIO = Controller (and storage and workers) on 2 nodes. There is no
3-controller option in StarlingX. So typically you would get 2 controllers
and 6 workers. Pl. see:

> so questions:
> 1) can i boot all nodes from pxe server?

In the standard/typical deployment, only controller-0 is PXE booted from an
"external" PXE server. Other hosts PXE boot off the controller-0 on the
cluster-internal mgmt/cluster network. The second link you refer to, is
about PXE booting the controller-0.

But, the first link you refer to, allows PXE booting ALL nodes from an
external network. I haven't tried this but it seems supported. For e.g.

> 2) after booting installing the controller-0 node i can then pxe boot
> install controller-1 node
> 3) in this scenerio how does controller-0 discover controller-1 so i
> can set the host  "system host-update 2 personality=controller"

In the typical deployment, once controller-0 is up, it runs a DHCP and TFTP
server on the internal mgmt/cluster network. The controller-1 and other
worker nodes are supposed to be configured to network boot off the NIC
connected to this internal network. When they boot, controller-0 will
"discover" them and add them to the host inventory.


> 4) does the same apply to workers


> 5) if you have 6 fully configured server each with 24TB and 512Gb
> memory, how would you deploy to get a full 6 nodes with storage and
> compute?

You want more storage than controllers can provide? Pl see if this helps:

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