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Sat May 14 02:14:46 UTC 2022

Im trying to deploy 6 nodes with 512G ram and 24TB disk each

Im envisioning 2-3 AIO DUPLEX Controller and 4 WORKER/STORAGE

SO i deployed a single AIO duplex node, works fine, then had issues with 
pxe booting other nodes from it, due to switch configuration, without 
having to reinvent the switch topology to accomodate

the pxe pxe network, im reading below where it states 

PXE Boot Network
You can set up a PXE boot network for booting all nodes to allow a 
non-standard management network configuration.

The internal management network is used for PXE booting of new hosts and 
the PXE boot network is not required. However there are scenarios where the 
management network cannot be used for PXE booting of new hosts. For 
example, if the internal management network needs to be on a VLAN-tagged 
network for 
deployment reasons, or if it must support IPv6, you must configure the 
optional untagged PXE boot network for PXE booting of new hosts using IPv4.

According to:


Okay so it seems i need to go this route, and pxe boot all nodes, 

however.. reading the configure a pxe boot server doc, it states "You can 
optionally set up a PXE Boot Server to support controller-0 
so this tells me that it can only be used for pxe booting controller-0 ????


so questions:

1) can i boot multiple aio duplex from a pxe boot server
2) once controller-0 is up, how does controller-1 connect to it.
3) which then i have to inquire how does discovery work for controller-1 on 
4) in your opinions, which are welcome, how should i be deploying 6 nodes 
with this much memery and storage per node, to use 3 as controllers, and 
all 6 as compute/storage nodes?

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