[Starlingx-discuss] multi-node AIO

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Sat May 14 02:14:51 UTC 2022

not sure why my emails not going through so again....
I have 6 nodes, 512Gb Memory and 24TB disk 8x3TB per node

can i deploy a duplex aio on 2-3 nodes? and worker/storage on 4 nodes

second to that, since we cannot confirm our network environment to meet the 
pxe boot on 169.254 for other controller-1, worker nodes

it states here


that we can create a pxe boot environment to boot all nodes... 

PXE Boot Network
You can set up a PXE boot network for booting all nodes to allow a 
non-standard management network configuration.

however, this doc states

Configure a PXE Boot Server
You can optionally set up a PXE Boot Server to support controller-0 

so questions:

1) can i boot all nodes from pxe server?
2) after booting installing the controller-0 node i can then pxe boot 
install controller-1 node
3) in this scenerio how does controller-0 discover controller-1 so i can 
set the host  "system host-update 2 personality=controller"
4) does the same apply to workers
5) if you have 6 fully configured server each with 24TB and 512Gb memory, 
how would you deploy to get a full 6 nodes with storage and compute?

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