[Starlingx-discuss] Bi-Weekly StartlingX OS Distro & Multi-OS Meeting Minutes: Sept 28, 2022

Wang, Linda Linda.Wang at windriver.com
Fri Sep 30 05:50:31 UTC 2022

September 28, 2022

Attendees: Davlet, Charles, Scott, Mark, Frank, Steve, Linda
1. General Topics

  *   Split Images (if we don't have a complete list of packages, but only a few packages in the repo)
     *   product vs project split the images.
     *   deliver the code into a single repo. to get a git repo list
  *   replicate what CentOS stylist, need a couple user stories to track the different tiers: project, product, release.

2. StaringX

  *   Wireguard configs for both CentOS and Debian have been submitted.
  *   StartlingX 8,0
     *   Content Sharing Disk space conservation
     *   User specific vs project specific
     *   perhaps Aptly isn't a good fit, and work directly at filesystem level
     *   however, the goal is to have STX buildable by STX or inside of K8s where disk/folder access is not a guarantee (concerns about concurrent access should be tested out)
     *   Suggestion: Repo per host, but serialization will be an issue.
     *   Only writes will be serialized
     *   AI: Scott to help write up a story and will have others in the community to take a look.
  *   Pulp vs Aptly package manager
     *   patch on Pulp still waiting on maintainer to review and merge
     *   Pulp is still better package manager than Aptly in the long run (Aptly has been limping along)
        *   https://github.com/pulp/pulp_deb/pull/295
     *   for those curious, the DBS using Aptly is https://github.com/molior-dbs
  *   How to provoke a mirroring of a package to build a package on Debian world, in need of a new package.
     *   need to put in infrastructure for unknown package build.
     *   Will become an issue when introducing Debian build only.
     *   For now, AI: need document and suggested workflow.
     *   Pulp has the concept of meta object, so doesn't require download of the package.
     *   Still may have impact to the Debian packages. minor use cases may need this.
     *   AI;  Park this topic, 'til New year
  *   Transition to deprecated CentOS for StartlingX 8.0 (Late November, Q4'22)
     *   2022-23 will need to stop building CentOS in CNGN build systems
     *   need to get all containers transition and built/tested
     *   if need to keep pkgs around for those containers that still need to be transitioned, keep the CentOS pkgs list small to only those needed for the transitional containers
     *   AI: Frank will represent WR to announce/advocate the changes in Community meeting, next PTG meeting.
     *   AI: Will wait for couple weeks to determine if there are any packages, we need to keep 'til containers are fully port over and transitioned. Davlet: write up a spec to reduce the CentOS pgks to StartlingX, on PTG meeting agenda.

Next Meeting:
October 12, 2022

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