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  *   We discussed in StarlingX PTG last week
     *   There has definitely been an improvement in the MINUTES being sent out for StarlingX Sub-Project Meetings ... thank you
     *   Just sending this out again as a gentle reminder for any project still not sending out MINUTES for their weekly or biweekly Sub-Project Meetings


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StarlingX PLs & TLs,

An overdue action I had from the StarlingX PTG ....

>From our discussions in the PTG around better communication and information sharing within the StarlingX Community, it was proposed that "ALL" weekly or bi-weekly Project Meetings send out Minutes/ProjectUpdate to the StarlingX Discuss Mailing List after every Project Meeting.   This is to ensure that all community members (even ones that cannot attend the actual meetings due to timezone reasons or meeting conflicts) have the  opportunity to follow discussions, activities, proposed decisions and status of activities going on in the Projects.  I realize that a number of Projects are already doing this, please continue.  Just want to ensure that all Projects know that this is expected by the community.

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