[Starlingx-discuss] Opendev => github mirroring broken

Panech, Davlet Davlet.Panech at windriver.com
Fri Apr 21 16:57:52 UTC 2023

Good day,

We have noticed that StarlingX git repo mirrors on github are no longer being synchronized with opendev.org . This is because github.com has changed its SSH host key recently, and Zuul mirroring configuration in the individual repos still contain the old key. Ie lines similar to:


must be updated with the new key.

We are working on doing just that as a short term fix, but I really think we should tweak the Zuul job that drives this process to include the current github SSH key. That way we will have the key in one place and it will be much easier to fix next time this happens.

Additionally, we may want to think of consolidating common Zuul tasks into some sort of centralized setup.

I don't have all the details at this time -- let's discuss this at the next community call.

Thank you,

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