[Starlingx-discuss] Weekly Meetings: OpenStack Distro

Cervi, Thales Elero ThalesElero.Cervi at windriver.com
Mon Apr 24 17:42:00 UTC 2023

Hi Darrick,
Thanks for reaching us out!

The majority of the stx-openstack team is currently on the UTC/GMT-3 time zone. That is, the team is currently 4 hours ahead Pacific time.
We will try to find a common ground so all the community interested on StarlingX OpenStack application can connect to the call.

Would Tuesday @ 11:00am Pacific work for you or do you have a strict requirement of afternoon/evening?
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Tuesday @ 6:00am Pacific does not work for me. Can we do something later in the day? Afternoon or Evening Pacific Time work for me



Darrick Horton
+1-615-927-8347 (US Cell & WhatsApp)
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