[Starlingx-discuss] CENGN build of r/stx.8.0

Cervi, Thales Elero ThalesElero.Cervi at windriver.com
Thu Feb 9 11:33:22 UTC 2023

Hi Scott,

Is any of these issues by any chance related to the reason why the stx-openstack helm-chart is not being generated as part of the master/debian/monolithic build?

Last build with a stx-openstack helm-chart generated was: http://mirror.starlingx.cengn.ca/mirror/starlingx/master/debian/monolithic/20230207T070000Z/
Since then, I see weird mentions to STX_8.0 pipeline on the build-helm-charts.log.txt for master/debian/monolithic build:

2023-02-08T05:49:21.269Z] + /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/STX_8.0_build_pipelines/parts/build-helm-charts/scripts/build-helm-charts.sh
[2023-02-08T05:49:21.269Z] reading  /localdisk/designer/jenkins/rc-stx-8-0-debian/build.conf
[2023-02-08T05:49:21.269Z] cd /home/localdisk/designer/jenkins/rc-stx-8-0-debian/repo/stx-tools
[2023-02-08T05:49:21.269Z] sourcing ./import-stx
[2023-02-08T05:49:21.820Z] # found primary helm charts: [stx-openstack:stx-openstack-helm-fluxcd] pattern=[stx-openstack-helm-fluxcd]
[2023-02-08T05:49:22.071Z] # found extra helm charts: [stx-monitor:stx-monitor-helm] pattern=[stx-*-helm]
[2023-02-08T05:49:22.071Z] ###
[2023-02-08T05:49:22.071Z] ### building extra helm chart stx-monitor
[2023-02-08T05:49:22.071Z] ###

And it seems that the stx-openstack helm-chart build is being skipped for some reason.
If this is one of the issues you mentioned to be already fixed, please let me know.
Otherwise, we can raise a Launchpad to track this build issue accordingly since the lack of a helm-chart as a latest_build output currently broke the stx-openstack Sanity Tests pipeline.


From: Scott Little <scott.little at windriver.com>
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Subject: [Starlingx-discuss] CENGN build of r/stx.8.0

Several issues have been corrected in the build tools.  We have started
a second build attempt on branch r/stx.8.0.  If all goes well, we should
have a build by 06:00 Z on Feb 9.


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