[Starlingx-discuss] Kernel and HW compatibility discussion at the vPTG

Ildiko Vancsa ildiko at openstack.org
Mon Feb 20 10:35:20 UTC 2023


I’m reaching out to follow up on a topic that came up during the Community Call last week (Feb 15).

The main challenge that the group on the call discussed was around the limited set of supported HW by the StarlingX platform.

We touched on two angles:
* How does someone know exactly what HW is supported by the platform?
  - Is the list in the documentation comprehensive? Can it be?

* Is it possible to achieve better compatibility and support a wider range of HW options?
  - What are the main factors of the limited set of supported HW types?

Possible solutions:
* The community needs a wider pool of HW varieties to test on
  - Third-party testing?

* The real-time kernel causes challenges, as it limits the enabled kernel-options by default
  - There are multiple ways forward
    + Enable more kernel options by default. Is that really possible/feasible?
      = i.e. Standard distributions like Ubuntu has everything enabled
    + Consider a mechanism to swap out the kernel —> This points back to earlier discussions about the modularity of the StarlingX platform

The above questions and solution ideas all point towards a bigger conversation. The above directions each require time and focus from the community to achieve.

In order get into the details of the problem as well as options and preferred solutions forward, we suggested to continue the conversation on the virtual PTG in march.

What do you all think? Who in the community would be interested in moderating the conversation?

Thanks and Best Regards,


Ildikó Váncsa
Senior Manager, Community & Ecosystem
Open Infrastructure Foundation

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