[Starlingx-discuss] Bi-Weekly StarlingX OS Distro & Multi-OS meeting: Feb 8, 2023

Wang, Linda Linda.Wang at windriver.com
Tue Feb 21 04:03:49 UTC 2023

Feb 8, 2023
 Attendees: Mike, Fabiano, Linda, Scott, Davelet, Mark

1. General Topics
      0.1 Split package list betweeen repositories (ISO and container images)

  *        * AI: We'll need to look closely to see if there is any further improvement needed.

      0.2 Log into the git before download the source.

  *   * How to pass the credential through the tooling layer when log into git repo.

  *   * workaround: currently use repo sync outside of the containers.

  *   * AI: Scott to write up a feature request for the tool - file a request in Story Board.

      0.3  Pre-patch ISO (Luis) (Carols replacing Luis Barbosa)
           * AI: to invite Carlos Pocahy to this meeting to discuss Pre-patch ISO. [Done]

II. StarlingX 8.0
       0.1 Secureboot Enablement
           * Working on Key in a separte repo.
                 * Need to have a different repo/storage to storage keys without changing any code.

  *              * Scott is creating the git and manifest setup. Fix up the meta data in control file, and send that back to LiZhu.

           * One option is to interface  with the concept of Vault.
           * Sent the checksum into the Vault to get sign. and the key is always in the Vault.
           * Put the public key into the public key ring.
           * Level of indirection, to put the signing method(s) behind an API.
           * AI: to invite DevSecOPs team from Studio side to discuss Vault's implementation. (lwang8 to invite Yasin) [Done]
      0.2  ISO size bigginer than 4G
           with OOT driver may need to include the kernel source/debug package that will allow OOT tree driver to be built on customer target.
          * This will add the ISO size back up to greater than 4G.
          * Extension to the ISO build standard, 9660, for longer file names, addresses the daisy chain of the ISO for larger archieve.
          * AI: need to investigate the "ISO daisy chain extension of another 4G, and tooling needs. Need to createa story board ticket.
      0.3 Kernel Live Patching Integration with the build system
           * start to look into the requirements of integration of feature.
    0.4 STX tree udpate

  *        *  Built a temp, and failure to STX8 docker images due to invalid tag.

   0.5 CentOS7 on main (master)  branch build
           * Build has stopped/disabled on Feb 7.
   0.6 Initramfs will changed for new driver updates
          * per one of the patch under review: https://review.opendev.org/c/starlingx/tools/+/872867
          * initramfs should *only* be updated if it needs modifications to gain access to the rootfs. This will not mean that it never gets updated, but it will be rare.

3. Open Request for help

  *   * Raspberry Pi support as Edge.

  *   * AI: Mark to reply to the thread and investigate further.

Next Meeting: Feb 22, 2023

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