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  I would like to deploy the latest version of Starlingx on Intel NUC12WSKi5 with 32 GB RAM storage, I have Disk1: 2 TB disk and Disk2: 500 GB.
According to your documentation, it is required to have a minimum two interfaces, NUC only has single.

If you are talking just about using Kubernetes on StarlingX.
Then you can deploy an AIO-SX server with a SINGLE interface.
See https://docs.starlingx.io/node_management/kubernetes/node_interfaces/sriov-port-sharing.html for a description of how you can share/configure a single interface as SRIOV with VFs attached to 1 or more data networks (i.e. for multus/sriov attachment to container) and the same SRIOV interface whose PF is configured with VLANs attached to platform networks (i.e. mgmt, oam, cluster-host).
This is used by some of our customers.

If you are talking about using OpenStack on StarlingX, the same SRIOV interface sharing can be used, with 1 or more of the VFs configured as ‘data interfaces’ attached to OVS … and the same SRIOV interface whose PF is configured with VLANs attached to platform networks (i.e. mgmt, oam, cluster-host).
HOWEVER … I don’t believe this has ever been tested.

That's why I have USB Ethernet.
According to this article - https://github.com/marcelarosalesj/learning-starlingx/blob/master/nuc.md<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/github.com/marcelarosalesj/learning-starlingx/blob/master/nuc.md__;!!AjveYdw8EvQ!e4eNrFs5P1svU88tYusEG_JGaM9XHVVKlyzCLQx1xqli7x6Scde5cQOijO1O-U-OI4lX-ziuIScXJ1OX4A$> - I need patch starlingx kernel and create a boot disk (as per my understanding directly downloaded ISO does not have such kernel modules).

So my question is :
- might there be a way to deploy with a single network , and no additional ports required (to play and learn at home in simplex mode)?
[Greg] See discussion above about SRIOV Port Sharing

- for home lab, might it be better to install proxmox and create a VM and install Starlingx?
My recommendation would be to use Virtual Box.
The MAJORITY of starlingx community members do development testing with a StarlingX Deployment in Virtual Box.
See https://docs.starlingx.io/deploy_install_guides/release/virtual/install_virtualbox.html

- If no, do you have the latest developer document , how can we build a custom iso with USB Ethernet? Now it looks old and for Centos, not debian...

Thanks in advance
Best Regards,
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