[Starlingx-discuss] Need support for starlingX 8 setup bring up.

Bruno Drugowick Muniz Bruno.Muniz at encora.com
Fri May 5 19:54:05 UTC 2023


here's an example of the final message of the script when the installation succeeds:


When it fails, in the metrics, you will be able to see in which stage it stopped, which helps in narrowing down what might be the problem you're having.


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Subject: Re: [Starlingx-discuss] Need support for starlingX 8 setup bring up.

Hello, Prashanthi.

> Bruno, Python script was still on when VM is up and login was success, script is not exited

What was the last output from the script that you were able to see? Did you let the script run until the end or did you interrupt it?

Logging in to the VM is not necessary before the script finishes and might even be a problem depending on what you do while the script is running. For future versions, we are planning to default to a headless installation where the VM never shows up to avoid confusing the user into thinking that the VM is ready to be used. And, of course, make this clear in the docs to-be-written about this installation method.

Thanks for taking the time to try these WIP scripts, by the way. The feedback you're providing is already being considered in our future work. If you want more synchronous help, I'm usually available on the #starlingx IRC channel from around 12 to 9 PM UTC on weekdays. I'm brunomuniz there.

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